STK-ID 21041

[Title] Route aérienne du Nord-Ouest (North-West staging route): civilian and US airmen board a Fairchild 71 seaplane. Fine FOLLOW SHOT, LS of seaplane taxiing and taking off and banking away from the camera. Sequence on heavy equipment levelling airfield site, on tar laying operations on runways. Several shots of frame base buildings being built. Cut to control tower of the Watson Lake Airfield under construction. Airmen back a truck to the loading bay of an Royal Canadian Air Force DC-3 and prepare to transfer truck load into aircraft. Oblique, low level AERIAL SHOT of DC-3 taxiing for take-off, getting airborne. Low level AERIAL SHOT of Fort Saint John, British Columbia. Cut to LAS of man in control tower of base at Fort Saint John. AIR TO AIR shot, MLS of DC-3 in flight. Cut to base administration building and the words "Fort Saint John, British Columbia" that are spelled out on the lawn in front of the building. Two brief AERIAL SHOTs of the northland and AIR TO AIR shot of a DC-3 landing alongside camera plane. The DC-3 taxis to a stop, is refuelled by a US ground crew, unloaded and taxis off again. FOLLOW SHOT of it taking off. Brief AERIAL SHOT of Whitehorse, Yukon Territories and LAS of control tower. A team of dogs pulling a home-made wagon moves past some US aircraft. HAS of large number of Bell Airacobra fighters destined for USSR. Sequence on US ground crews working on them. Russian Air Force officers chat with US Air Force opposites. Take-off of one fighter and fly-by of squad. [End title]


Excerpt from
Reportages nº 90
Fort Saint John, Whitehorse
National Film Board
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