STK-ID 21181

Major Paul Triquet Receives the Victoria Cross (00/04/1944): sequence on dignitaries waiting for Major Paul Triquet's arrival at airport. CUs of Colonel JL Ralston, Defence Minister, of Major General Georges Triquet. Cut to Lancaster bomber taxiing to a stop. Major Paul Triquet deplanes and is met by JL Ralston, Major General Georges Triquet and others. Shots of Major Paul Triquet inspecting the honour guard while civilians watch. Cut to steam locomotive pulling into Quebec City station. Major Paul Triquet steps down and is greeted effusively by members of his family and by Major General Blais. Honour guard slopes arms and Triquet salutes. LACU of Triquet saluting - snowing. Sequence on Major Paul Triquet inspecting honour guard, following which he sits in an open car with General Blais as the crowd applauds and cheers. HAS and level shots of Triquet and party arriving at public building. The mother of Paul Triquet is helped out of a car. Interior shot of Major Paul Triquet meeting Lucien Borne, Mayor of Quebec City. Sequence on Triquet signing visitors' book and of several other persons following suit. Several children present, one of which plays the piano. LAS of church facade, a chapel. Major Paul Triquet and others enter. Interior shot of mass, priest at the altar, attendance; military and civilians.


Excerpt from
Reportages nº 64
Quebec City, Ottawa, Montreal
National Film Board
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