STK-ID 21195

The Quebec Conference (00/08/1943): LASs of Château Frontenac, of Quebec City buildings. HAS of narrow street, monument. Shot of two naval officers chatting by antique cannons. MLS and closer LASs of two men manning Bofors antiaircraft gun, scanning sky for enemy planes. PAN of flags. Shot of Canadian marines parading past camera followed by soldiers and airmen. HAS over men, Château Frontenac in distant background. Sequence on arrival of Prime minister William Lyon Mackenzie King, Winston Churchill and President Franklin Delano Roosevelt in cars. HAS of Churchill and King in car. Various shots of honour guards presenting arms, Royal Canadian Mounted Police constables present. FOLLOW LS of Roosevelt's car, two secret service men riding rear bumper. Two-shots of Roosevelt and King, of Roosevelt and Churchill. Three-shot of the principals with Air-Marshal Charles Portal, General Alan Brooke, Admiral Andrew Cunningham, Field-Marshal Dill, General GC Marshall, Admiral Sir Dudley Pound. LA PAN of Quebec fortifications to LS of top of Château Frontenac. LAS of Boeing B-314 Clipper flying-boat flying past. MLS of plane afloat, VIP's including Sir Anthony Eden getting off into motorboat, transfering them to bigger launch. Shot of Brendan Bracken, British Minister of Information, Anthony Eden and Sir Andrew Cadogan, Secretary for Foreign Affairs stepping ashore from launch and getting into car. Shot of Anthony Eden shaking hands with Roosevelt as Governor General Lord of Athlone and Mackenzie King stand by beaming. Two-shot of Princess Alice of Battenberg and Churchill. Group shot of Governor general Athlone, Mackenzie King, Andrew Cadogan, Brendan Bracken in back row; Anthony Eden, Roosevelt, Princess Alice and Churchill sitting. Brief MLS of top of Château Frontenac. HAS and level shots of tri-service parade in Quebec street, band, Canadian Women's Army Corps. Shot of Mackenzie King meeting Cordell Hull at Gare du Palais. Interior shot of car, Hull and King chatting. Lady Clementine Churchill and daughter riding calèche past camera. LAS of Lady Churchill signing autograph, stepping down from calèche with daughter, passing by camera. Sequence on the two visiting handicraft exhibit, talking to nun. Shots of General Hap Arnold and Field Marshal Dill and of General Arnold and Admiral Mountbatten going up stairs. Sequence on military officers in conference, wall map of world in background. Sequence on many reporters walking on fortifications, photographers taking pictures of the principals, newsmen interviewing the big three (Roosevelt, Churchill, and Mackenzie King) as Sir Anthony Eden, Brendan Bracken, Sir Andrew Cadogan stand by in background. Sequence on military personnel boarding cruise ship, standing at railing, sightseeing, General GC Marshall, Admiral King, General Alan Brooke and others visible and many women of the Women's Royal Naval Service present. Front shot of crowded Canada Steamship Line cruise ship. LASs of fortifications. MS of Chateau Frontenac.


Excerpt from
Reportages nº 42
Quebec City
National Film Board
Available formats
Digital Bétacam, Reel 35 mm, Digital Video Disk
Shooting format
35mm fine grain b&w
Aspect ratio
Available resolutions
720 x 486