STK-ID 22597

Shots of sign "Dawson Museum", of sign and cabin of railway service, of old rattan chair on porch of cabin. ESTABLISHING PAN of Halifax, large fleet of warships in harbour. LAS of New Brunswick Legislature in Fredericton, TILT DOWN to crowd. Swift TRAVELLING SHOTs of prairies, of western town. Shot of brakeman checking wheels of train. Shots of Batterwood House, of statue depicting cherub eating grapes, of landscaped grounds. CU of steam tractor, of tractor being used in threshing, of farm machinery, horses, men forking hay, of threshing machines. TRAVELLING SHOTs past elevators in Saskatchewan, past prairie town, oil refinery. Shot of facade of hangar housing Western Development Museum. Various shots of First nations men parading at stampede, of conestoga wagons pulled by oxen. Slow TRAVELLING SHOTs of Hanley railway station as train pulls out, of Girvin station from train as train speeds past it. Various shots of Saskatoon 4-H Club exhibits showing poultry, cows. Shots of superstructure of freighter under Côte Sainte-Catherine Lock lift bridge, of lift bridge installation, of lock gates closing, of lock itself. AERIAL SHOTs of Lake Shore, wooded landscape, sprawling village bisected by river, of town of Sept-Iles, royal yacht at anchor. Various shots including CUs of Royal Canadian Mounted Police constables standing in guard, of Sault Sainte-Marie policemen, of Chicago policemen in International Fair, of RCMP patrol boat. (00/07/1959)


Excerpt from
Royal Tour
Halifax, Sept-Iles, Chicago, Saskatchewan, Sault-Sainte-Marie (Ontario), Yukon, Fredericton
National Film Board
Available formats
Video HI 8, Reel 35 mm
Shooting format
35mm neg b&w
Aspect ratio