STK-ID 22600

Sequence on fleet of dinghies racing on choppy Lake Ontario, dinghies seen in groups, in pairs, Toronto skyline in background in some shots. Shot of several passengers in large twin-masted sailboat. Several shots of sailboats on lake from various angles and distances, wooded shores of Lake Ontario in background in some shots. Shots of boats in various numbers and in various sizes. LS of six sailboats on choppy lake, sun reflecting on water. Various shots of sailboats, Toronto skyline visible in some shots. MS of dinghy being lowered into water by crane, of beached sailboats along shore, small cabin cruiser moving up river past repair dock. Various shots of boathouses, docks, dinghies, sailboat being lowered to water, boats in water. LAS of sailboat suspended on cable. CS of Wilton Morse Cup for light dinghies. MS of fleet of dinghies in harbour, sailing past wooded shoreline. Several views of boats sailing, Toronto skyline visible in some shots. Sequence on man, woman setting up mast on sailboat. TILT UP from three men on deck to man climbing mast. TILT DOWN mast. Shots of man, woman preparing boat for sail. MLS of harbour and yacht club docks. MS of fleet of sailboats moving on choppy water, Toronto skyline in background. Shot of several racing club officials with pads and pencils. PAN to man preparing to fire gun.


Excerpt from
Royal Canadian Yacht Club
National Film Board
Available formats
Video HI 8, Reel 35 mm
Shooting format
35mm fine grain b&w
Aspect ratio