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[Title: "La Moisson de la mer" (Gaspe Cod Fishermen)] Various LSs of fishing schooners at sea with one sail, one with all three sails on, parts of camera schooner visible in foreground in some shots. Shot of fisherman aboard camera schooner lowering sail. Shot of fisherman pulling in net, lowering sun seen through net. Shots of men pulling in nets, the odd fish caught in it. Shot of herring being cut up for bait. Cut to nearby boats. CUs of cod being pulled up on line, being thrown into hold. TILT UP sails of camera schooner flapping in wind. HAS of fishing boat coming in under motor power at dusk. Various static and BOATING SHOTs from arriving boat, of fishing harbour, several schooners at piers. Sequence on cod fish being unloaded one by one, being gutted and carried into warehouse by the box full. After being weighed, fish is filletted and packed in wooden boxes, "Corvette Brand Cod Fillet-Quebec" written on sides, fillets also packed in larger boxes stencilled "Ministry of Food-London". Shots of men fishing cod out of vats, stacking them, coarse salt being spread over stacks of fillets. Exterior shots of men spreading cod on wires for sun drying. CUs of faces of men. HASs of flakes. Shot of dried cod being brought inside and packed in wooden boxes, "Gaspe Fallcure Dry Cod-Quebec United Fishermen" stencilled on side. Shot of boxes of dry cod being loaded onto truck. Slow TILT UP to sign over door of plant "Association des pêcheurs-Grande-Rivière". CUs of clerk making up accounting of money owed to one member of the Fishermen's cooperative. CU of paper indicating sum of $1,485.00 owed to fisherman by cooperative. Shot of fisherman buying new equipment, loading equipment in buckboard and driving off. Shots of Coop meeting, several CUs of faces of fishermen listening, speaking. Dusk shots of silhouettes of four fishing boats at anchor. HAS of water from high shoreline. Sequence on fishing harbour, boats moored to piers, men working on fishing gear, on nets. Shot of schooner backing away from its berth. Shot of man hauling up sails. BOATING SHOT past moored schooners. Shots of other schooners heading out. Sequence on schooners on fishing ground. [End title] (00/11/1943)


Excerpt from
Reportages nº 48
National Film Board
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