STK-ID 23413

Various shots of Edouard Simard talking during interview, René Lévesque interviewing (no sound). Various shots of Edouard Simard relaxing on his porch, looking at harbour through binoculars, walking along waterfront. Various shots of Simard inspecting factory, watching man machining gun barrel. ELS of village of Baie Saint-Paul in valley, rail fence in foreground. TRAVELLING SHOT of valley. Cut to TRAVELLING LAS of cantilever bridge, of church as camera car approaches, turning left through village. LAS of name "Baie St. Paul" on railway station, PAN to tracks, box cars on siding. TRAVELLING SHOT through village, frame houses. CU of lawyer's sign "Irenée Simard". Shots of cemetery, tombstones inscription re members of Simard family. Various shots of people coming out of church, of square in front of church, people in Sunday best. TILT DOWN from street name "Rue Simard" to near empty street. LAS of store sign owned by Raymond Simard, TILT DOWN to near empty street. Various shots of harbour scenery. CUs of business end of dredge on shore, of anchors hanging down from top frame line, of small ship on skids. TILT DOWN and PAN over dark piles of marine equipment, ship's screws.


Excerpt from
La grande aventure industrielle racontée par Édouard Simard - 2
National Film Board
Available formats
Video HI 8, Reel 16 mm
Shooting format
16mm neg b&w
Aspect ratio