STK-ID 23637

CS on an elderly man's face (Mr. Elling Borge) playing violin. TILT DOWN on violin and his fingers. MCS on a blue rope at the end of violin. TILT DOWN on his foot. TILT UP to MS on him playing violin. ZOOM IN on the hand holding violin bow. MCS on man's face, he is talking, he puts the violin in its case and puts a saw on his knees. MCS on man, taking the saw and starting to play with like a violin. Several shots from various distances on man playing saw. MCS of hands cleaning the violin bow. MLS on elderly man sitting on his bed and playing the saw. MLS on old man sitting on his bed and playing violin. ZOOM IN, ZOOM OUT on man. MCS on man's profile with his violin. PAN left and ZOOM IN on a tape recorder playing. PAN right to elderly man listening to tape recorder. MCS on tape recorder, TILT UP to elderly man listening. MLS of a man lying on a bed. ZOOM IN on him. There are several boxes stored under the bed.


Excerpt from
Some Natives of Churchill
National Film Board
Available formats
Video HI 8, Reel 16 mm
Shooting format
16mm original ektachrome
Aspect ratio