STK-ID 23643

Several shots from various distances of setting up of blasting cables at construction site. MLS of people at construction site. ZOOM IN of man working with jack hammer and air drilling blasting holes. PAN left of man standing up and smoking. MLS of construction site. PAN right of man working with jack hammer. PAN left to construction site. LS of construction site. ZOOM IN, ZOOM OUT on rocks with snow. MLS of man working with jack hammer and drilling blasting holes. ZOOM IN of jack hammer. TILT UP to his face. ZOOM OUT of man. MLS of men standing up near a compressor, a drum and cars. Two men carrying boxes and a roll of wires are leaving the group walking to the blasting holes. Shots from various distances of men preparing things for an explosion. MLS of explosion site with cars and people working, house in background. MLS of railway crossing, bus passing in background, car coming, crossing the railway and going by. MLS of railway, houses in background. PAN right of railway and houses up to railway crossing sign. LS of railway with houses, people are crossing railways. Shots from various distances of construction workers talking together. MLS of cardboard tubes with metal rods in it, everything is held by a wooden form. LS of building at construction site. Shots from different angles of man,Mr. Jimmy Spence, with a winter coat on and a woodstick in one hand walking and looking over construction site. MLS of a plane passing in sky. ZOOM OUT on bedrocks with man, Mr. Jimmy Spence, standing up on it. MCS of Mr. Jimmy Spence's face, wearing a winter coat with a fur hood. ZOOM OUT on Mr. Jimmy Spence standing up with a woodstick in one hand, talking and showing things. ZOOM IN on his face. MLS of bedrocks. PAN right on man, Mr. Jimmy Spence again.


Excerpt from
Some Natives of Churchill
National Film Board
Available formats
Reel 16 mm
Shooting format
16mm original ektachrome
Aspect ratio