STK-ID 24168

Sequence on people walking past camera, buying tokens at automatic dispenser, going through turnstiles and dropping tokens into slot, getting their transfers at automatic transfer machine. Shot of people using escalators. Shots of subway cars arriving at King Street Station, crowd entering car. Interior shots of train, passengers taking their seats, during run. HASs of crowd waiting for opening ceremonies at Davisville Station, of dignitaries arriving headed by William McBrien, Chairman of Toronto Transport Commission. Dignitaries include Premier Leslie Frost and former Lieutenant-governor Ray Lawson. CU of Mayor Allan Lamport. HAS of dais, crowd. CU of McBrien speaking. Cut to Premier Frost, Ray Lawson and Metropolitan Mayor Gardiner listening. Shot of Mayor Lamport speaking. Cut to Toronto Transport Commission girl guides. Shot of Reverend C Howard Bentall giving invocation. More speeches. Shot of Premier Frost inviting Mayor Lamport to throw switch giving green light. Shots of dignitaries boarding subway. Interior shots of Mayors Gardiner and Lamport riding car, hanging from strap, of Premier Frost and Chairman McBrien looking out door. TILT UP to sign "Union Station". Various front TRAVELLING SHOTs through open cuts, through tunnels, of trains coming in and out of stations. Shots of dignitaries getting off train, of pipe band, of unveiling of plaque. Two shots of control panel. (31/03/1954)


Excerpt from
Subway Opening
National Film Board
Available formats
Video HI 8, Reel 35 mm
Shooting format
35mm fine grain b&w
Aspect ratio