STK-ID 24169

HAS over four streetcars, one going around corner. HAS of two double-coach streetcars meeting as they turn corner, construction site in background. Closer HAS of crowd of people standing at streetcar stop, packed streetcar moving by them. Shot of pedestrians moving on cat walk over construction on sidewalk. Two shots of Yonge Street, many streetcars moving by. Group shots of engineers looking over plans for subway including general manager Patten, consulting engineer from Chicago CE Deleuw, chairman of Toronto Transport Commission William C McBrien and chief engineer Paterson. Shots of group, of men looking at artist's conceptions of subway. Cut to transit map of Toronto, hand pointing to subway route. Two CUs of artist's impressions of subway. CUs of CE Deleuw, of WC McBrien, of Patten, of Paterson. Two CUs of draftsman working on plans, general shot of drafting room. HALSs of dais on Yonge Street, pile driver, crowd standing by, TTC employees marching by. CUs of two women, TTC employees, dignitaries following . Sequence on speeches by Reverend GA Wells, Mayor Hiram McCallum. Cut to Corinne Calvet watching at front of crowd. Shots of Lieutenant-governor Ray Lawson doing speech, pushing lever to start pile driver. MCS of Lawson and Cauvet chatting. Shot of publicity pictures of Calvet in cabin of crane. (09/09/1949)


Excerpt from
Subway Construction Opening
National Film Board
Available formats
Video HI 8, Reel 35 mm
Shooting format
35mm fine grain b&w
Aspect ratio