STK-ID 25237

Shots of US armour in field, tank crews taking a walk, standing by, sitting in trenches, immobilized tank in background. Shots of GI's advancing slowly in Aachen, firing heavy artillery. Shot of pile of empty shell casings. CU of gun aimer, recoil of gun. LS of explosion near corner of building, ruins everywhere. Shot of general Dwight D Eisenhower in field. AERIAL SHOT of Brest Harbour. LSs of Brest under attack, of explosion as port is demolished by Germans. AERIAL SHOT of wrecked port. Several shots of US tank firing, GI manning heavy machine gun. Shots of signs "Calais", "Le Havre", "Boulogne", intercut with shots of wrecked cities. Shots of Dunkirk in ruins, sunken ships. Sequence on US army men handling supplies, trucks moving past camera. AERIAL SHOT of Sigfried Line. Shot of GI's moving up on tanks. Sequence on fighting at the line, pillboxes firing, being fired on. Shots of German fortifications readying for battle, soldier coming out of pillbox with machine gun, door opening to reveal barrel of gun, periscope popping up. Sequence on paratroops in plane. CUs, MSs of other planes in feet, US paratroops jumping off. AIR TO AIR SHOT and GROUND TO AIR SHOT of paratroops floating down. Brief sequence on gliders landing, one crashing. CUs of faces of US soldiers. Sequence on British soldiers moving up on tanks. HAS of bridge over Rhine at Nijmegen. Shots of British soldiers looking ahead through binoculars, lying flat and firing rifle. Sequence on GI's firing mortar from trench, CU of sign "Arnhem 17", throwing grenade. Shots of civilians collecting supplies parachuted down during night, of medics bringing in casualties. Several shots of British soldiers, paratroops, doing nothing in particular, waiting. HAS of Antwerp, of motionless cranes. Sequence on Canadian and Polish attack on Walcheren, mostly shots of soldiers advancing, firing rifles, moving cautiously through shell-ravaged towns. Sequence on de-mining operations carried out by British Navy and arrival of first ships. Shots of unloading of ships, of supply. Shots of trucks moving on roads, mostly American. Short sequence on night battle, gun flashes. Sequence on US soldiers after battle, tired men standing by, arriving in trucks, eating at field kitchen, being issued fresh clothing, taking showers, writing letters. Shots of GI's getting back into trucks for trip back to front. Sequence on winter campaign, US soldiers advancing in snow, ground crew preparing fighters on snow-covered British air base, US army nurse clearing snow from vehicles, mule train moving in snow, US troops moving up, firing mortars in Vosges Mountains, fighting the cold and deep snow.


Excerpt from
True Glory, The
National Film Board
Restriction Information
R, E, S, T, R, I, C, T, E, D, :, , D, O, , N, O, T, , S, E, L, L, ;, , C, o, -, p, r, o, d, u, c, t, i, o, n, , M, i, n, i, s, t, r, y, , o, f, , I, n, f, o, r, m, a, t, i, o, n, , (, U, K, ), , a, n, d, , O, f, f, i, c, e, , o, f, , W, a, r, , I, n, f, o, r, m, a, t, i, o, n, , (, U, S, A, ), ;
Available formats
Reel 35 mm
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35mm dupe neg b&w
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