STK-ID 25238

Sequence on United States Army in Ardennes Forest, soldiers relaxing, being hit by German counter attack, retreating. Several shots of explosions nearby, jeep being hit, of fire as it rolls past camera, buildings burning, vehicles. Shots of German tanks advancing in snow, German Infantry racing past. Sequence on Battle of the Bulge, American GI's fighting through streets of city (possibly Liège). Various shots of explosions, medics rescuing and treating casualties, bodies and wounded soldiers lying in snow. Sequence on fight for Bastogne, GI's street fighting, firing machine guns, tank guns, mortars, bazooka. Shot of German tank burning. Sequence on British troops advancing leisurely across snow-covered terrain, moving through towns. MSs of civilians in Germany, watching. Shots of GI's in snowy Ardennes Forest. AIR TO AIR MLSs and LSs of British Typhoons coming to the rescue. CUs of pilots in cockpits. Sequence on United States artillery picking up the tempo, firing volleys of rockets. Shot of giant explosion. Shots of GI's advancing through forest, of United States armour. MCSs of Sir Winston Churchill, of Franklin Delano Roosevelt and of Joseph Stalin filmed separately and in groups with their staffs at Yalta. Series of shots showing Field Marshal Bernard Law Montgomery and General Dwight D Eisenhower conferring in field. Shots of American weapons being fired, of rocket volleys being fired. Shots of prisoners of war surrending to allies, of British, American infantry advancing, firing. AIR TO AIR SHOT of Thunderbolt fighters peeling off. Gun camera footage of hit and explosion as camera plane flies right through blast. Shots of advance, Mustang fighter with United States and invasion markings flying past. Shot of explosion as bomb hits. United States infantry on half-track vehicle. Front shot of bomb aimer in nose of bomber. AERIAL SHOT of bomb exploding. Sequence on Canadians in Reichwald Forest and on Dutch polders, advancing across flooded land. Brief MS of General HDG Crerar and one of his officers discussing strategy in field. Shots of Canadians clearing town. CU of Sten gun at the ready, of firing mortar. HAS of flame throwing tank at work. Several MSs of mortar-firing field piece, non-commissioned officers shouting command. Several shots of Americans advancing, firing, of tanks, of GI's clearing München-Gladbagh and other towns on way to Cologne, of GI's in ruined Cologne. Sequence on British loading LCI's on trailers, moving them and supplies onto Rhine River. Shot of Canadian soldiers operating giant smoke screen generator. Various shots of wrecked bridges on Rhine River, of Americans preparing to cross river, of Remagen Bridge (in good condition), of Americans crossing bridge. [Remark: this bridge was captured by the Americans 07/03/1945.] Shots of air raid. Tail view of Lancasters as blockbuster bomb is dropped. Sequence showing Americans, British and Canadian crossing Rhine River on landing crafts. Sequence in airplane as paratroopers jump, AIR TO AIR SHOT of sky full of parachutes.


Excerpt from
True Glory, The
National Film Board
Restriction Information
R, E, S, T, R, I, C, T, E, D, :, , D, O, , N, O, T, , S, E, L, L, ;, , C, o, -, p, r, o, d, u, c, t, i, o, n, , M, i, n, i, s, t, r, y, , o, f, , I, n, f, o, r, m, a, t, i, o, n, , (, U, K, ), , a, n, d, , O, f, f, i, c, e, , o, f, , W, a, r, , I, n, f, o, r, m, a, t, i, o, n, , (, U, S, A, ), ;
Available formats
Reel 35 mm, Video HI 8
Shooting format
35mm dupe neg b&w
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