STK-ID 25593

CS of two journalists attending reception held by president Jean-Claude Duvalier for local and foreign journalists. Various shots of local orchestra providing entertainment for evening. CSs and CUs of president and his wife leading dance. HACS of president and wife dancing in middle of other guests (two shots). HAMCS of guests on dance floor, ZOOM IN to CS of president and his wife (three shots). Several CSs from different angles of guests dancing on dance floor. CSs of president and wife seated at head table. HAMCS of Tontons-Macoutes in entrance hall, PAN to MCS of president's Rolls Royce. HAMCS of small group of men talking in garden, PAN to MS of guests on dance floor.


Excerpt from
Un monologue Nord-Sud
National Film Board
Available formats
Reel 16 mm
Shooting format
16mm eastman color neg
Aspect ratio