STK-ID 27507

Shots of new well being burned off. LS, MS and CS of flames rising from burning gas, dense smoke. Shot of engineer in foreground controlling fire by turning valve. Shots of well at various stages, start of burning and at full thrust. Shot of 1924 model tank truck driving up to refinery, parking beside 1950 model tank truck, men dumping crude-oil from tanker truck, CS of oil flowing. Shot of storage tanks at Leduc in winter, man turning control valve to regulate oil flow at refinery. Shot of steam freight train passing, refinery visible in background. Shot of refinery, towers and tanks silhouetted in water. LS of Turner Valley, storage tanks dotting the land. Two shots of men working on pipeline, welding seams. Shot of drilling unit and men removing drill sample core. Various CSs of used drill bits in pile and bit turning in well during drilling operations. Shot of men dropping dynamite sticks in hole, mobile drill trucks setup on prairie for drilling operations, roughnecks at work fitting drills, racking pipe in tower. Shots from bottom of tower of block and tackle rising and descending during pipe racking and drilling.


Excerpt from
Western Oil
Turner Valley, Leduc
National Film Board
Available formats
Video HI 8, Reel 16 mm
Shooting format
16mm color master pos
Aspect ratio