STK-ID 27548

LAS of look-out pointing to surfacing whale. Cut to LSs of whale at surface, giant flukes. Several shots of harpooner at his post, aiming, firing harpoon in cloud of smoke. Several shots of man firing harpoon. LSs of whale thrashing mightily as it is hit. Shot of men at bow of whaling ship and over-the-side shots of whale being drawn near, being inflated, CU of skipper John Boredewick at window of wheel house. Sequence of whale carcass being winched up slipway at Coal Harbour. Sequence on flensing operation, men cutting blubber on carcass with long knives, being assisted by man at winch. Shots of winch pulling large slabs of blubber from whale carcass, turning carcass over. ESTABLISHING SHOTs of Coal Harbour whaling factory, showing former Royal Canadian Air Force hangar that has been converted to peace time use. Shots of flensing operation. (27/07/1948)


Excerpt from
Whaling Industry Returns to British Columbia
Pacific Ocean, Coal Harbour
National Film Board
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