STK-ID 27811

Shots looking forward over the empty pews inside Mary Magdalene Anglican Church in Toronto. Shot of Healy Willan walking in, chatting with priest. DOLLY IN on the two men. MCS of priest. DOLLY OUT from front of church, to two altar boys bearing tapers, genuflecting, of congregation as camera rises for shot of organ loft, Willan at the organ. Shots of informal music lesson at the Royal Conservatory, Healey Willan walking in, taking over lesson, girl students assembling around Willan and piano. Various CUs of Willan, of some of the students, of Godfrey Ridout. CU of girl's hands playing piano. DOLLY OUT to rear shot of class, of Ridout at board, of Willan entering, taking over. Shot of sign "Royal Music Conservatory of Toronto" over entrance. More shots of Mr Willan conducting class. Various shots of Healey Willan at home working in his study, of his wife coming in with tea. Shots of pictures of the Coronation. Shots of Anglican church service showing choir, altar, priest and cross.


Excerpt from
Man of Music
National Film Board
Restriction Information
W, r, i, t, t, e, n, , p, e, r, m, i, s, s, i, o, n, , m, u, s, t, , b, e, , o, b, t, a, i, n, e, d, , f, r, o, m, , H, e, a, l, y, , W, i, l, l, a, n, , o, r, , h, i, s, , e, s, t, a, t, e, , /, , O, b, t, e, n, i, r, , p, e, r, m, i, s, s, i, o, n, , é, c, r, i, t, e, , d, e, , H, e, a, l, y, , W, i, l, l, a, n, , o, u, , d, e, , s, a, , s, u, c, c, e, s, s, i, o, n, ;
Available formats
Reel 35 mm, HDCAM SR, Digital Video Disk
Shooting format
35mm neg b&w, 35mm fine grain b&w
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1920 x 1080