STK-ID 27989

MCS and CS of two men unloading wolf carcasses from back of vehicle and piling them on snow-covered ground. CS of wolves bared teeth. Several MCSs of white-tail deer looking at camera, snow on ground. Four CSs of hunter's hands using bow and arrows. Several shots from different angles of hunter in snowshoes with bow and arrows moving through snow-covered woods carrying dead deer over his shoulders. MSs to PANs of sunset over frozen lake. MCS of sun, bare tree in foreground, ZOOM OUT from sun to include lake, ZOOM IN back on sun. Shots of full moon in dark blue sky. Three MCSs of animal skeleton on snowy ground, biologist is trying to cut piece of it. CS of hands of biologist trying to cut skeleton. CS of ripe wheat heads moving in breeze to MS and PAN of houses and buildings of city in British Columbia. Four MCSs of trees, PAN of bridge, automobiles passing by, road sign "Warden Avenue - Victoria Park - Keep Right" in some shots. LS PANs of farmland to CS of tree in autumn colours, ZOOM OUT from trees. Low altitude AERIAL MS of town in Arctic, snow. Low altitude AERIAL SHOT of industrial site, smokestacks emitting clouds of smoke. CS of polluted water, dead fishes floating by. MCSs of white man cutting blocks of snow and actually building igloo. CSs and MCSs of lumberjack cutting tree with chain saw, tree falling, lumberjack branching tree, removing limbs from fallen tree, horse skidding tree through forest.


Excerpt from
Wolf Pack
British Columbia, Canadian Arctic, Quebec (province)
National Film Board
Available formats
Video HI 8, Reel 16 mm
Shooting format
16mm original ektachrome
Aspect ratio