STK-ID 28187

Captured equipment: PAN of long rows of captured German artillery pieces, Austrian 15cm 1899 howitzers, German 15cm m1913 howitzers in first row, Austrian 15cm M1914 howitzers with smaller caliber pieces in foreground. Shots of row of infantry weapons in front of guns, officers inspecting weapons. Shots of officers looking over large bore mortars on gun carriers, of men looking over mortars, machine guns. Shot of man looking over wrecked mount of heavy gun. Shot of General Byng looking over more captured guns with French officer. MS of captured German 15cm M1916 gun (same as NFB1910-FG-14-79), including German 21cm howitzers. Shot of men looking over Austrian 15cm M1914 gun. Shots of German prisoners of war moving guns about in display of captured equipment. Shot of horses towing captured gun on road. Shot of captured German 15cm M1913 gun, of Austrian 15cm M1914 howitzer in their emplacement (same as NFB1910-DN-14-92). Shot of men looking over wrecked M1913 howitzer in bushes. Shot of two men straddling barrel of coastal gun protuding from casemate (same as NFB1910-DN-14-92). MLS of men looking over captured field guns. Shots of wrecked guns in several pieces. Salvage dumps: shots of main salvage dump, men at work on odds and ends, shell casings, crates, huge mounds of war material, horse-drawn transports, men moving by in foreground.


Excerpt from
World War One
National Film Board
Available formats
Reel 35 mm, Digital Bétacam, Digital Video Disk, HDCAM SR
Shooting format
35mm fine grain b&w
Aspect ratio
Available resolutions
720 x 486, 1920 x 1080