STK-ID 2908

Muskrat: sequence on tractor-drawn train of sleighs moving through muskrat field in winter. MSs of men loading tractor train. Shots of tractor train moving past camera. PAN along tractor train as passengers stand about. MS of trapper putting trap in muskrat hole. Shots of trapper putting dead muskrats in bag, loading bag on his back, walking in field with other trapper. LACS of trapper walking past camera with bag, arriving at camp. MS of two trappers hanging pelts to dry. MS of snowmobile moving past camera. Shots of trappers inspecting pelts. Sequence on trapper removing dead muskrats from hole, probing in hole with harpoon, CS of not dead yet mukrat looking out hole, man trying to remove muskrat with hands. PAN along four men holding dead muskrats to camera, MS of one trapper holding out muskrat. MS of trapper hauling out muskrat from hole. Sequence at trappers' camp showing trappers and Inuit woman skinning muskrats. PAN of camp, MS of pelts drying. CUs of trapper's hand skinning muskrat, CS of Inuit woman skinning muskrat in front of tent. CU of Inuit trapper. Shot of man getting muskrat out of hole, FOLLOW SHOT of muskrat trapped in trap trying to escape. MS of trapper getting muskrat out of hole, shaking it. PAN of pelts drying. MS of Inuit woman skinning muskrat in front of tent. CS of man hanging pelts to dry.


Excerpt from
Bastille Day - Toronto
National Film Board
Available formats
Reel 35 mm, Video HI 8
Shooting format
35mm fine grain b&w
Aspect ratio