STK-ID 2921

MLSs of British World War 1 battleships. Shot of stoker feeding coal to furnaces. Two shots of British naval bases, warships. Short sequence on men at work in shipyard around 00/00/1918. Shots of engine-room in oil burning ship, of British battleship circa 00/00/1918 at sea. Sequence on search for the "Bismark", German battleship "Bismark" at sea. Several shots of British ships in search, aircraft carrier launching Swordfish torpedo bombers. AIR TO AIR MS of planes. LS of German battleship. Sequence on battle, heavy guns firing, explosions.


Excerpt from
Battle for Oil
National Film Board
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N, a, r, r, a, t, i, o, n, ;
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Digital Bétacam, Reel 35 mm, Digital Video Disk
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35mm fine grain b&w, 35mm fine grain comp b&w
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720 x 486