STK-ID 2943

[Remark: around the world, wherever men till the soil, the farmers are mobilized in a world-wide battle of the harvests.] Shots, CUs, of binder at work, of grain, of machinery. In an English field, farmers are shown at work, hay stacks dot the fields, tractors move off to work. In Germany, men load hay on a wagon while in the Caucasus, some men tend sheep while others fill bags with grain. Shots in India, of men harvesting tea. In China, shots of men leading donkeys and carts. Back in Canada, farmers in the West are shown harvesting. Shots of men loading wagon, of thresher at work, of wagon with load of hay, of coils of hay in the field. Good shot of wheat field with the wind blowing slightly across it. CUs of men working, of wheat. HAS of Winnipeg Wheat Exchange with members in a very agitated state. Shot of men spilling milk on road, of men unloading potatoes from boxcar. Various shots of bleak landscape, mountain, land in flood, swollen river, deserts with tumbleweed rolling across scene. CUs of "new farmers", of conference, of lecture in a wheat field. Various shots of harvests in Russia with men cutting hay with scythes, then reaping with machinery. Good shots of Canadian soldiers rushing the camera, jumping over it, vaulting a fence, jumping over a trench (seen from inside). Shots of paratroopers jumping from plane (taken from inside plane). AIR TO AIR shot, LAS of Whitney bombers and of men jumping. CUs of soldiers' meals in the field, of construction workers moving beam, of miners underground, of prospective soldiers being examined by doctor. In England, the camera is focused on a farm tractor at work, on a bulldozer levelling land, of a huge earth churner cutting up the dry loam and on various farm machinery. Shots of irrigation project in Canadian west, of water pouring through water dam, AERIAL SHOT of dam, irrigation canals, pattern made by contour ploughing. Shots of girls rushing to help with the harvest in Southern Ontario, of harvests in full swing, of apple pickers at work, of apples being crated. Back in the west, harvesters are seen being brought over from the Dakotas to help with the Canadian harvests. CU of license plates from New Mexico, Texas, Nebraska.


Excerpt from
Battle of the Harvests
Winnipeg, Ontario, Caucasus Mountains, Saskatchewan, Germany (Deutschland), India, Russia, England, China
National Film Board
Available formats
Reel 35 mm, Digital Bétacam, Digital Video Disk
Shooting format
35mm dupe neg b&w, 35mm fine grain b&w
Aspect ratio
Available resolutions
720 x 486