STK-ID 3000

Title: Battling with muskies: CS back view of man fishing in canoe, landing a muskellunge (muskie) fish. HAS of three men stepping down from train as conductor stands by. HAS of tail of train, men seated on rear platform as train pulls out. Cut to station bearing name of town: Hudson, four fishermen standing by. CUs of map of region, pencil tracing railway route. CS of tourists (man and woman) looking at Indigenous family, mother, baby and father in background. MS of diminutive Bank of Toronto in cabin, two tourists (man and woman) nearby. Sequence on departure: canoe launching, group of tourists (men and women) boarding canoes, boating shots of group being ferried on lake. Brief shot of group portaging through woods, cut to PAN of group resting near water. MS of cameraman shooting scene from rowboat. Sequence on group arriving at Kenneally Lodge on Lake Vermilion, MS of lodge, cut to tourists stepping ashore. Sequence on fisherman leaving in canoe, fishing and hauling muskies. BOATING SHOT of campsite on shore of lake. HAS of porcupine swimming to shore, scrambling up as man in canoe watches. More shots of fishing, including shot of cameraman shooting with hand-held camera, standing in a canoe. Shots of fisherman posing with fish. LS of sun seting on lake, cut to MS of group of fishermen regaining camp. MS of row of fishes (three-day catch). Night shot of bonfire, fishermen standing and singing with gusto. End title. (Titles interspersed)


Excerpt from
Battling with Muskies
National Film Board
Available formats
Reel 35 mm, Video HI 8
Shooting format
35mm dupe neg b&w
Aspect ratio