STK-ID 30137

MLS, ZOOM OUT to LS of yacht moving fast on water of bay, mountainous island in background. MLS PAN of several hunters perched on rocks, watching sky. MLS of yacht arriving in bay, moving fast then turning and approaching before moving away and disappearing behind rock. MS to MLS of Inuk from behind, walking toward village with rifle. CS from behind of Inuk sitting at lookout on shore, MSs to MLS of yacht moving fast on water followed by second yacht, mountains in background. MS of Inuit hunters on board with rifles. CS from behind of man standing in bow of boat coming in to shore, MS PAN of second yacht alongside. CS of Inuk aiming at something with rifle, then getting off boat and pulling rope ashore, joining others nearby. Shots of hunters walking away from boat, carrying rifles, walking on rocks, approaching camera, then walking away toward lookout. MLS of bay and PAN toward men disappearing behind rock. HAMS and HAMLS of hunters walking through rocks. MLS of flight of Canada geese in sky, hunters aiming rifles at them. MS and CS of Inuit. MLS of bay, hunters climbing mound serving as lookout. MS and CS of Inuit hunters hidden behind rocks, talking.


Excerpt from
Debout sur leur terre
Ottawa Islands
National Film Board
Available formats
Reel 16 mm
Shooting format
16mm eastman color neg
Aspect ratio