STK-ID 30648

Camera on Labour No. 1: Unity Report - The 1955 Conventions: [remark: following the lead of the American Trade Unions, American Federation of Labor-Congress of Industrial Organizations affiliates in Canada meet in Windsor, Quebec to debate on the feasibility of a merger between the two federations.] Various shots of speakers orating, speaking in microphones, gesticulating, including Claude Jodoin, President of the Trade and Labour Congress and future president of the merged federations, Milton Gregg, Minister of Labour, Auguste Picard, President of Canadian and Catholic Confederation of Labour, Walter Reuther, President of Congress of Industrial Organizations and of United Automobile Workers, Aaron Mosher, President of Canadian Congress of Labour and honorary president of the two labour federations.


Excerpt from
Camera on Labour No. 1
Windsor (Quebec)
National Film Board
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Reel 35 mm, HDCAM SR, Digital Video Disk
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35mm neg b&w
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1920 x 1080