STK-ID 3100

MCSs of two Inuit children coming out of skin tent, children posing in front of tent, of Inuit woman dancing. ESTABLISHING SHOTs large glaciers and high mountains at Cobourg Island. Dark sequence on Inuit men and women dancing square dance aboard CGS Arctic. Sequence aboard CGS Artctic showing officer using sextant, Captain Joseph Bernier leaving cabin, crew aboard ship, TRAVELLING SHOT of ice floe, man pacing up and down deck. MS of men of crew of CGS Arctic dancing with Inuit women in front of camp on shore of Craig Harbour. MS of Captain Bernier chatting with first officer and various shots of crew clowning for camera, walking up and down deck. Sequence showing shelters in construction at Craig Harbour, polar bear skin laid out to dry, dead polar bear being hauled up ship's side, faint view of whale spouting water, PAN of ice floes in Dundas Harbour on Devon Island. HALSs of crew in rowboat, inspecting Craig Harbour where a police post is to be established. MS of dead polar bear strung up aboard ship. Shots of supplies being brought ashore, MS of men starting construction of building, CS of two Inuit children playing with dog. HALS of building foundations. MSs of Inuit child cracking whip, of Inuit child posing under arrow drawn on large rock. LS of bay, lumber in lower foreground. CUs of document written in Inuit.


Excerpt from
Bernier Expedition
Ellesmere Island, Dundas Harbour
National Film Board
Available formats
Digital BĂ©tacam, Digital Video Disk, Reel 35 mm
Shooting format
35mm fine grain b&w
Aspect ratio
Available resolutions
720 x 486