STK-ID 31003

Miss Canada Contest (20/08/1949): shot of Maple Leaf Gardens. Static and moving HASs of Miss Canada parade. TRAVELLING SHOTs of "beauties" in open cars. Sequence on arrival at city hall, presentation to acting mayor John Innes who gets to kiss Betty Jean Ferguson, Miss Canada of 1948. Group shots of judges Vyvyan Donner, Bradshaw Crandel, Russel Patterson, Arthur Brown, Dr D McGregor, Win Barron, Betty Jean Ferguson posing with them. Shots of talent event showing Betty Brown modelling suit, Bridgett Burton performing acrobatic dance, Joan Durell singing, Gloria Gray tap dancing, Beverley McDougall hula dancing, Dorothy Von Sichen performing Scot sword dance. Shot of parading bathing beauties. Two-shot of Jean pairman, Norma Dupont, shot of Eleanor Lyons, two-shot of Laureen Marcenko and Madeline Levasseur, CU PAN from Arlene Markle to Andrene Martyn. Shots of judges, CUs of Barron, Patterson, Crandel, Brown, Boris Volkoff, Jean Pengelly, Vyvyan Donner, Dr McGregor. Two-shot of Jean Pengelly and Vyvyan Donner. Shot of crowd applauding. Shot of last swimsuit walk-by event. Shot of girls awaiting decision, Irene McGuiness (#19), Margaret Lynn Munn (#20), Arlene Markle (#21). Shot of winner Margaret Lynn Munn being crowned winner by Miss Canada of 1948. Posing left to right, Arlene Markle, third finalist, Miss Canada, Joan Durelle, second finalist. Shot of crown and ermine robe on empty throne.


Excerpt from
Miss Canada 1949 / Mr Canada Contest
National Film Board
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Reel 35 mm, Digital Video Disk, Digital Bétacam
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35mm fine grain b&w
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720 x 486