STK-ID 31026

Shot of two Canadian soldiers, from the Fusiliers Mont Royal and the Regina Rifles, going on tour in Normandy. Various shots if them sightseeing, of workmen repaving street, of soldiers taking pictures. MS of monument commemorating World War 1 Battle of the Marne. LAS of wrecked church façade, of soldiers looking up at it. PAN of city buildings to soldiers chatting with French workman. PAN over ruined section of city, over section of buildings under construction. Shot of the two soldiers meeting bearded French men accompanying them to monument. Shot of monument, CU of inscription commemorating Battle of Caen. Shot of French man conducting the soldiers on tour of ruined section of the city on foot and by car, French man pointing out points of interest. CU of street sign "Place du Canada". HAS of the soldiers walking among graves in cemetery stretching into the distance.


Excerpt from
National Film Board
Available formats
Reel 35 mm, Video HI 8
Shooting format
35mm neg b&w
Aspect ratio