STK-ID 31375

Breakfast: shot of Wilf entering kitchen, putting log in stove. MCU of steaming kettle. Shot of Wilf cooking toasts over open wood range, pouring boiling water into coffee pot. Shots of Wilf cooking breakfast. Sequence on Wilf at breakfast table, buttering toasts, eating, drinking coffee. CUs of his face. Shot of Wilf fondling dog. PAN from dishes on table to Wilf relaxing near table, lighting a cigarette. CUs of his fingers rolling a cigarette, lighting. ECU of his lips as he licks cigarette paper, puts cigarette in his mouth. MCS of his face as he rocks gently in rocking chair. MLS of Wilf rolling cigarette, lighting up, smoking as he rocks. Shot of table nearby, kerosene lamp. Shots of kettle, cofffee pot on stove. MS of Wilf finishing wash up, throwing water out of door, exiting from kitchen, in the vicinity of Orillia.


Excerpt from
National Film Board
Available formats
Reel 16 mm
Shooting format
16mm neg b&w
Aspect ratio