STK-ID 31396

PAN of loose crowd on flats outside Dakar, natives standing, waiting, walking around, squatting, sheep in evidence, rough shelters around perimeter of field on one side. Shots of men leading sheep to vehicles, loading them in, tying them up. Shots of animals in small herds in crowd, of ewe suckling lamb. TRAVELLING SHOT along street of native village, rickety frame huts, group of children following camera car. PAN of open stretch bordered by rickety shelters. TRAVELLING SHOT of broad avenue in city (Dakar?), of lush countryside, little traffic. Static shots of countryside. Several shots of homeless persons squatting on sidewalk in city, on bare ground. Shot of mother nursing her child. Shots of small native boats moored to shore, boatmen doing nothing in particular, children wading in distance. Night shot of pedestrians and squatters in front of mosque, TILT UP minaret. Shot of crowd of faithful heeding call of muezzin, prostrating in direction of Mecca. Shots of group of men cutting throat of sacrificial sheep. Various shots of sacrifice, of animal, its throat cut, thrashing on ground. TILT DOWN highrise building. HAS of hovels. Various shots of square, local colour, statues, public buildings. (00/07/1967)


Excerpt from
Afrique libre
National Film Board
Available formats
Reel 16 mm
Shooting format
16mm neg b&w
Aspect ratio