STK-ID 31423

Exercise Sweet Briar: several shots of heavily clad ground crew men warming up Vampire jets, F-80 "Shooting Stars" at Whitehorse air base, of Vampire and F-80 jets taking off, taxiing. Shots of B-25 "Mitchell" bomber being warmed up. Shots of Jamesway hut, American flag in front, sentry in parka, men hauling supplies on toboggan. Shots of signs re US Army main base, Canadian Army headquarter "Sweet Briar", and respective camps. ESTABLISHING SHOT of Whitehorse. LS of tents in snow. Shot of troop of Black soldiers posing, supply base near Burwash landing. Sequence on men going through motions of manning mortars, Howitzers, marchine guns, anti-tank gun. Shots of Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry firing Vickers machine guns for real. Shots of five-man team racing out of tent during alert. Sequence on 37th Field Ambulance encampment, "casualty" being unloaded from Jeep. Two shots of aircraft making passes over camp. Shot of white clad US infantry in snow. GROUND TO AIR SHOT of transport planes. Shot of planes on ground at Burwash landing, unloading. Group shot of senior Canadian army officers. Two-shot of Major general Chris Vokes, Officer Commanding of central command and Major general MHS Penhale, Officer Commanding of Western command. Several shots of weasels moving along ice road, of ski troops from 14th Regimental Combat team, US Army moving along. GROUND TO AIR SHOT of F-80 fets "dive bombing" objective. Three-shot of Major general Penhale, Lieutenant-general SJ Chamberlin, Commanding General of US 5th Army and General Officer Commanding of Sweet Briar, Air Vice-Marshal CR Dunlap, Officer Commanding of Royal Canadian Air Force's North-East air command. CUs of men. Various shots of white clad "aggressors" and dark clad "allies" in mock action in snow. (00/02/1950)


Excerpt from
Canadian Newsreels
National Film Board
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Reel 16 mm
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16mm fine grain b&w
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