STK-ID 31424

Sweet Briar exercise: sequence on arrival of government officials in Northstar aircraft, men posing. Shots of Defence Minister Brooke Claxton, of chief of staff, General Foulkes with US ambassador Laurence Steinhardt. FOLLOW SHOT of Northstar taking off from snowy strip. Several shots of "aggressor" defence positions, of 867th US Ack Regiment manning 40mm antiaircraft guns. HAS of Northway air base. MS of radar antenna and sentry. MS of vehicle in ditch, Ambassador Steinhardt looking over situation. Sequence on officials leaded by Claxton inspecting positions manned by Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry, visiting Officer Commanding of PPCLI, Lieutenant-colonel Don Cameron. CU of Cameron. Shots of officials visiting gun pit manned by Canadian Horse Artillery. TRAVELLING SHOT of convoy vehicles along snowy road. Sequence on allied forces, US 14th Infantry Regiment forming up for final day's assault, pulling toboggans. Shot of observers and officials watching US troops firing 105mm Howitzer. CU of Steinhardt, Foulkes, Claxton. Sequence on parachute drop by PPCLI, men dropping in distance, forming up, advancing on objectives, "firing" small arms, machine guns. Shot of buildings of Northway air base, plane in front. AERIAL SHOTs of snowy Yukon mountain country.


Excerpt from
Canadian Newsreels
National Film Board
Available formats
Reel 16 mm
Shooting format
16mm fine grain b&w
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