STK-ID 31431

CU of teletype, message coming in re crash. Message taken to rescue coordination centre Commanding Officer, Flight Lieutenant Ron Gilmour who gets on phone. Montage of air force types talking on phone. Shot of girl at switchboard. CUs of her face, her hand plugging in jacks. Shot of leading aircraftman G Macmillan writing object of operation on wall blackboard, "rescue". Sequence on OC composite flight, S/L Peterson, briefing pilots Flight Officer L Hart and Flight Officer R Howie and Flight Lieutenant J Griffin as to location of crash. CUs of faces. Pilots of rescue plane leaving briefing room. FOLLOW SHOT of Dakota aircraft taking off past camera, somber day. Interior shots of plane, men looking through binoculars, pilot talking into microphone. Shot of anemometer on control tower, of tower. Shot of Flight Officer Goodmanson inside tower talking on microphone, snow, blustery weather outside. Parachutists get ready, put on wire front face protectors. Men racing to waiting Dakota, boarding plane. FOLLOW SHOT of plane taking off. AERIAL SHOTs of snowy woods, fields. Shot of men jumping past camera. LS of men jumping from motherplane, floating down. GROUND TO AIR SHOT of men jumping, floating down, two, three. Men rescuing casualties from crashed aircraft, administering first aid as other plane drops supplies. Ground rescue party driving ambulance to nearest point of road, moving off on skis, rejoining air rescue team, taking over casualties after checking them, casualties being taken to vehicles. (03/02/1950)


Excerpt from
Test Rescue Operation
Trenton (Ontario)
National Film Board
Available formats
Video HI 8, Reel 35 mm
Shooting format
16mm fine grain b&w
Aspect ratio