STK-ID 31433

ESTABLISHING HAS of Whitehorse, Yukon. Sequence on Royal Canadian Air Force men warming up Vampire jets. CUs of pilot's face, crewman. Shot of US Air Force personnel doing warming up F-80 "Shooting Star" fighters. Shot of two "Shooting Stars" taxiing past camera. MSs of faces of men at work, posing. LSs of "Shooting Stars" and Vampires taking off. Two shots of B-25 "Mitchell" bomber being warmed up with special equipment. Sequence on US army camp, American flag in front of hut, man doing sentry duty, men moving supplies on toboggan. CU of a sign of "US Army Base". HAS over snowy army camp, Jamesway Huts. Shot of Canadian "Sweet Briar" sign. CU of Colonel Don Cameron, Officer Commanding of Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry. HAS of tents in supply base near Burwash landing. Group shot of Black personnel of the #506 US supply base. HAS over signals detachment encamped on heights overlooking Donjek Valley. Shots of Royal Canadian Artillery personnel manning mortar, 75mm Howitzer, anti-tank 6 pounder, no firing. Shot of man being declared hit by umpire. Shot of US F-82 "strafing" Canadian position. Shot of men "firing" back with machine gun. Shot of Vickers machine gun crew "firing" at enemy patrol, no recoil. Shot of men running out of tent at alert, racing past camera to their posts. (22/02/1950)


Excerpt from
Exercise Sweet Briar
National Film Board
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Digital Bétacam, Reel 35 mm, Digital Video Disk, Born Digital, ProRes
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35mm fine grain b&w
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720 x 486, 2048x1556, 1920 x 1080