STK-ID 31448

HALSs of aircraft carrier "USS Mindoro", flag ship of Rear Admiral RE Blick, Commander of US Navy task group 81 visiting Quebec City. Shots of the "Mindoro" firing twenty-one gun salute, of detachment of 13th Field Regiment returning salute. Various shots of seven destroyers arriving. Shots of carrier at dock, Royal 22e honour guard drawn up on pier. Shot of Rear Admiral Blick, Commander BK Atkins and Lieutenant AT McKinney coming down gangplank, being met by Brigadier Allard, Officer Commanding of Quebec Eastern and Lieutenant-Colonel Trudeau, Officer Commanding of Royal 22e Regiment. Various shots of visitors inspecting guard of honour. Various HALSs of rear deck of aircraft carrier, carrier planes on deck, of destroyers moored side by side. LS of Wolfe's cove, of US warships. Sequence on US sailors riding bus to Montmorency Falls, passing by Kent House, looking at falls. Sequence on sailors visiting first Canadian brewery, reading tablet on wall of vault used by Intendant Talon in 1668, entering brewery. Shots of sailors drinking beer. Sequence on sailors visiting Dufferin Terrace, strolling in Old Quebec, chatting with girls, riding caleche. Shots of Porte Saint-Jean, caleche passing through. (27/05/1950)


Excerpt from
American Navy Visits Quebec City
Montmorency Falls, Quebec City
National Film Board
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Reel 35 mm, HDCAM SR, Digital Video Disk
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35mm fine grain b&w
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