STK-ID 31460

CU of Jim Fair owner of 66, Cainfield and Bearfield, of Pete Burton, owner of Noboy watching race. Shot of JE Smallwood, owner of Libertine, winner of first Heat, watching race. Shot of group of fans getting excited. Shot of Lieutenant-governor Ray Lawson of Ontario arriving. Shots of large crowd in stands. Shot of Allan Lamport sitting in box with friend. Two shots of horses racing, of Libertine winning first Heat. Shot of Libertine with jockey Bavington and trainer Barnard posing after race. Shot of Ray Lawson presenting Cup and Saucer to JE Smallwood. Shot of Lawson, Smallwood, Lamport and Fred Orpen. Sequence on second Heat race, finish, Little Secret winning in photo finish. Shot of S Tupper Begelow presentating second Cup and Saucer to F Little. HAS of huge parking lot full of cars. HAS of crowd. CU of Cup and Saucer, of pair of Cups and Saucers. Various shots of race, of crowd, of fans, of fan tearing up ticket in disgust. HASs of parade before race, of start of race. FOLLOW SHOT of horses racing. Shot of start of second race and horses racing. First Heat, Libertine, #6; Bofaye, #2; Mount Branco, in that order. Second Heat, Little Secret, #10; Fairlow, #5; Corwynt. Shot of odds board. (16/10/1950)


Excerpt from
Cup and Saucer Race
National Film Board
Available formats
Reel 35 mm, Video HI 8
Shooting format
35mm fine grain b&w
Aspect ratio