STK-ID 31471

Canadian Arms For The Netherlands: shots of self-propelled 17 pounder gun being hoisted from barge onto ship's deck. Shot of guard of honour of the Royal 22e Regiment presenting arms. Group shot of Netherlands Ambassador AHJ Lovink, Lieutenant-general C Foulkes, Major General Morton. Shot of inspection of guard of honour. Various shots of C Atting, of Lovink making speeches. Sequence on official party on Dutch ship "Prins Johan Willem Friso". Shot of Lovink talking with captain Heidsingen. Various shots of SP (?) being lowered into hold. Group shot of captain Heidsingen, Ambassador Lovink, General Foulkes and Major General Morton. Various shots of SP being lowered into hold. HAS of honour guard on dock during loading. Various shots of loading after ceremony. Rear shot of ship's wake. Several shots of ship being loaded with arms and ammo, address stenciled on crates "Royal Netherlands Army". (01/12/1950)


Excerpt from
Canadian Arms for Netherlands / Opening of Gas Pipeline
National Film Board
Available formats
Reel 35 mm, HDCAM SR, Digital Video Disk
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35mm fine grain b&w
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1920 x 1080