STK-ID 31573

[Remark: eight hundred mayors and mayoresses make Montreal their headquarter for Municipal Congress.] Shots of buses arriving on Champ de Mars, of sign "International Municipal Congress", of mayors getting off buses, of mayors and mayoresses arriving for civic demonstration. CSs of Red Ensign flag flying in breeze, of Stars and Stripes flag flying in breeze. Shot of mayor Camillien Houde arriving, greeting mayor Charlotte Whitton of Ottawa. Various shots of crowd listening. CS of mayor Houde addressing them. Shots of mayor Lawrence of Pittsburgh addressing group, of Montreal fire trucks arriving, putting on climbing demonstration. CU of mayor W McKeng of Newcastle-on-Tyne, England, watching. Shots of firemen putting on display, American, Canadian and Quebec flags flying from ladder tops and flares. Firemen sliding down rope ladder to ground. Shots of police and police cadets of Montreal giving precision marching display on square. Saint John's Ambulance giving life saving demonstration as they rescue man from smoking "enclosure", helicopter arriving to take victim to hospital. CU of mayor Don Mackay of Calgary, Alberta. (25/09/1953)


Excerpt from
International Mayors' Conference
National Film Board
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