STK-ID 31647

F.2- Exterior in front of factory's entrance, at shift change hour. CS of factory's facade and PAN to MLS of workers entering by the main entrance. MS of workers affluence arriving at factory or leaving it. MLS of people riding bicycles on a tree-lined street. MCS of pedestrians and taffic on the same street (beside factory). MS of little tractor hauling trailer carrying merchandise and two people followed by traffic circulation in front of factory's entrance. MS of truck loaded with raw cotton bales or (bundles) passing on the street. MLS of horses-drawned trailer carrying merchandise and bicycles and trucks circulation. MLSs of traffic circulation in the same street pedestrians, cycles and trucks mainly, in front of factory's entrance. Several MSs of the workers flow, leaving the factory. Various shots of traffic in the street. MS of people crossing street with MCS of mother with baby in a carriage crossing the street and disappearing in the crowd. MS of women coming out from the factory's main door. F.3- MS of main door and MLS of crowd traffic in the street. MS of workers coming out of factory's main door. MS of crowd traffic. MLS of workers leaving with their bicycles from inside the factory's courtyard and reverse SH. of same action. F.I factory's entrance - workers arrival: MLS of workers arriving at entrance door (seen from back) PAN to sign above main door and ZOOM OUT to LS of entrance. MCS of billboard in factory courtyard, workers passing in front. MS of woman arriving with baby in arms (3) MLS of workers walking through entrance courtyard. I with fountain in foreground and ZOOM OUT to LS of entrance doors. MS of workers passing entrance door (seen from back). LS of workers coming in at entrance gate (fountain in foreground) with ZOOM IN and ZOOM OUT. MS with PAN signs above entrance doors and workers walking into building. MLS of workers coming in, other MLS workers seen from back with entrance door in background.


Excerpt from
North China Factory
National Film Board
Available formats
Reel 16 mm
Shooting format
16mm eastman color neg
Aspect ratio