STK-ID 31664

MLSs, CUs of Royal Canadian Air Force Dakota in flight, one propeller feathered. Interior shot of cockpit, instruments indicating approaching engine failure. HAMCS of remaining engine as seen from cockpit. Shots of radio man giving alarm by morse key. Interior shot of airport control tower, men responding. Interior shot of cockpit, pilot, co-pilot emoting. Shots of the two men from outside. Interior shot of men preparing for crash, finding positions against bulkhead, ECU of strained face. Blurred side shot of forest, trees from descending plane. Unsteady, blurred shot from cockpit, imminent crash. Two shots of pilot, co-pilot from outside plane, co-pilot shutting off power, leaving cockpit, pilot warning of coming crash, wincing, straining. Sequence on man bringing casualties out of crashed aircraft, men laid out on ground, man looking at gory simulated wounds. CUs of faces of "wounded" airmen. AIR TO AIR SHOT of two CF-100 jet interceptors flying by camera. Evening shots of RCAF "Northstar" DC-6 in flight, setting sun lighting clouds on horizon. Day shots of "Northstar" flying through clouds. Shot of Sikorsky helicopter flying low past camera. HAS of airmen laying around crashed aircraft. Man spotting helicopter. HAS of help from helicopter arriving. Shots of crashed DC-3 in brush.


Excerpt from
Air Crew First Aid
National Film Board
Available formats
Video HI 8, Reel 16 mm
Shooting format
16mm original ektachrome
Aspect ratio