STK-ID 31790

MLS of tugboat, PAN to grain carrier "Montrealais" alongside elevator. Front shot of grain carrier. Shots of full holds, PAN to spout as hold becomes full. HA PAN of Port Arthur, Lake Superior, elevators in background. HALSs of lake, of elevators, bridge in foreground. Shots of grain carrier, of "Montrealais" being loaded with grain. LS of elevators, PAN to United Grain Growers elevator, freighter tied alongside. LS of elevators and freighter. Shot of freighter alongside elevator. Front shot of freighter "Montrealais" under way. LS of elevators, water in foreground. MLS of the "Montrealais" under way. LAS of elevators, TILT DOWN spouts to ship's holds. MS of nozzle of spout, grain flowing out, TILT DOWN to grain in hold. MLS of men standing by spout prior to moving it to another hold. Several low level AERIAL SHOTs of Port Arthur, Fort William hump yards, of grain elevators, ships being loaded up at some elevators, grain carriers sailing to or from elevators.


Excerpt from
Thunder Bay
National Film Board
Available formats
Reel 35 mm, HDCAM SR, Digital Video Disk
Shooting format
35mm neg b&w, 16mm dupe neg b&w, 16mm eastman color neg
Aspect ratio
Available resolutions
1920 x 1080