STK-ID 31828

TILT DOWN from pots on shelf to potter working on another pot. Cuts to MCUs of his hands fashioning pot out of clay, and to his feet on potter's wheel. MS of pots on shelf. Sequence on blacksmith working on wrought iron, examples of his art in a living room. PAN from children's paintings to boy at work on painting. Over-the-shoulder view of painting in progress. Cuts to MCUs of other paintings on display. PAN from wood carvings to girl carving. Shots of finished carvings. Shot of display of woven drapes and rugs. Sequence on young women wearing hand-woven clothes putting on a fashion show for the camera. CUs of girl working on mat with hand hook. Cut to hooked rugs on floor. Profile and over-the-shoulder shots of young woman at desk stencilling patterns. Views of woman braiding reeds. Cut to woman sitting at small loom, weaving. CUs of her hands as she works. Shot of men, women's, children's clothing on display dummies. Shot of woman at loom.


Excerpt from
Handcrafts / Great Northern Tackle-Busters
National Film Board
Available formats
Reel 16 mm
Shooting format
16mm original kodachrome
Aspect ratio