STK-ID 32024

Interior HAS of some of the passengers in a DC-8 passenger Jet during flight. Focus on Nigerian passengers. Cut to wing seen through port. Shot of people deplaning at Lagos airport at night, Jacob, one of the Nigerians, walking through airport building, going through customs, being met by his family. Sequence on arrival at native village, Jacob and family being met by more relatives and friends, entering his house. TRAVELLING SHOT of Nigerian scenery, town, countryside. View of Jacob, wife and baby in car, as seen from back seat. Ditto passengers in back seat beside camera. More scenery, a town. Sequence on Jacob being met by crowd of colourfully dressed natives. Shots of crowd posing for the camera, with MCUSs of faces. MS of native squatting by a small fire, cooking a meal. Various shots of women washing clothes in communal laundry. HAMLS of laundry and TILT DOWN to vertical HAS of man coming out of house, getting into car and driving away. Camera holds on new highrise building in town. Shot, from back seat, over the shoulder of the driver, of street ahead. Side view of two highrise buildings, of Nigerian countryside. Several TRAVELLING SHOTS of Nigerian village, frame houses.


Excerpt from
Labour College
National Film Board
Available formats
Reel 16 mm
Shooting format
16mm neg b&w
Aspect ratio