STK-ID 32035

Sequence on baptism: arrival of family, ceremony in church people attending ceremony, officiating minister. MCUs of faces. Shots of children in street, tots dancing in native fashion, some CUs of childish faces. Sequence on Nigerian union official entering his office, doing some work, looking out of the window. HAS over town and TILT DOWN to near vertical shot of people in small courtyard, some sitting, others dancing. Shot of a party of some kind. Eye-line shots of people dancing native and western dances, all wearing native clothes. MS of taperecorder. Shots of meeting of union executives in an office. Various MCUs faces of Nigerian men participating im meeting. Morning sequence on father waking children, going to washroom past two women preparing food for morning meal. Sequence on woman preparing breakfast in kitchen, of family having breakfast.


Excerpt from
Labour College
National Film Board
Available formats
Reel 16 mm
Shooting format
16mm neg b&w
Aspect ratio