STK-ID 32065

FOLLOW SHOTs of riders racing alongside camera on saddle horses, mountains in background. Various shots of riders crossing prairie. CS of leader of group telling boys a story, group climbing hills on horseback under supervision of leader. CS of boys eating steak sandwiched between slices of bread. CU of bacon frying in pan. Swish PAN to four slices of French toast in pan. CS of man saddling up horse, riders leaving tents on horses, crossing stream, riders washing faces in stream. CU of feet of horses wading through water, supervisor and young rider riding side by side on trail. Front shot of riders. CUs of meat being cooked by holding sticks over fire, of sizzling steak ready to eat. LS of riders on horseback wading across stream. CUs of pot of vegetables and steak being removed from earth where it is kept warm, of boy saddling up horse, of shadows of riders on mountain, of feet of horses walking over sand and gravel.


Excerpt from
Trail Ride
Canadian Rockies, Southern Alberta
National Film Board
Available formats
Reel 16 mm, Digital Video Disk, HDCAM SR
Shooting format
16mm original ektachrome
Aspect ratio
Available resolutions
1920 x 1080