STK-ID 32129

MS of prow of grain freighter "Seaboard Enterprize", TILT UP to elevator, PAN across top and TILT DOWN to mid-ship and stern as ship moves on. Swish PAN to stern of large freighter "Warkworth". MLS of "Seaboard Enterprize", PAN to "Warkworth"'s stern and mid-ship. BOATING SHOTs of ships moored to grain elevator, of stern of freighter "La Hacienda". CU of bow and name of "Seaboard Enterprize". MS of group of stevedores. LS of elevator, ship moored to it. Closer BOATING SHOT of same. Shot of freighter moving slowly. CU of bow, stern. BOATING SHOT of round stern of "Taxiarchis", PAN along hull, of stern of the "Calli", of ships as camera boat moves away. Shipboard shots of delegates, Japanese, Indian, talking. ECUs of man in parka. LS of elevator from boat. PAN along stern and bow of "Warkworth". Sequence showing freighter being loaded with grain, grain filling hold, TILT UP and TILT DOWN spouts. Low level AERIAL SHOT of grain loading facilities, of ships at dock. MLS of Royal Canadian Air Force hangar, PAN to MS of delegates getting off CPA Dakota. CU of anchor chains going up into bow porthole. Broadside shot of freighter.


Excerpt from
Fort Churchill
National Film Board
Available formats
Video HI 8, Reel 35 mm
Shooting format
16mm original ektachrome, 35mm neg b&w
Aspect ratio