STK-ID 32209

Shot of timber truck moving towards and past camera on dirt road. Shot of skeleton structure of building under construction. PAN along erosion on hillside. CS of man preparing pumper and other fire equipment, shoving off in "Vancouver BB" motorboat on lake. CSs of water trickling down hillside, washing off soil from small tree, causing tree to fall down, of water trickling over soil on side of hill. Shots of research officer using increment borer to determine age of tree. Shot of spruce trees in forest, TILT DOWN to young spruce growing among stumps. Shot of young spruce growing around decayed stump. PAN across evergreen trees in forest. Shots of caterpillar tractor pulling logs through brush. Shots of men fastening cable around log, of tractor pulling away log past camera. PAN across tree trunks in forest. Shots of two officials surveying land to be cut using compass, of man holding thermometer to ground as other holds watch, of four men measuring girth of pine tree, of officials of forest conservation program writing down notes in forest. Shots of lumberjacks moving logs using cant-hooks, of men skidding logs on skidway in forest. CU of very young pine bough on ground. CU of cones on pine bough. Shots of shaded stony brooks in forest. TILT UP large evergreen tree in forest. CS of man throwing equipment in back of truck, gets into cab, truck moving away hurriedly. Shot of fire fighting equipment in back of truck, "BC Forest Service" truck moving away from camera. Shot of totem poles, trees in background. PAN across spruce trees to top of totem pole. ESTABLISHING SHOTs of industrial section of Vancouver, mountains in background. Shots of men running logs on waterfront, Georgia Hotel and Vancouver skyline in background.


Excerpt from
Look to the Forest
Vancouver (city)
National Film Board
Available formats
Reel 35 mm, Video HI 8
Shooting format
35mm fine grain b&w
Aspect ratio