STK-ID 32213

Two TILT DOWNs to LS of Vancouver skyline from across harbour. CU of man talking into microphone, PAN to CU of other man near radio transmitter. MLS of the two men operating radio from back of service truck, pine tree in background. MS of two men loading service truck, sign "Prevent Forest Fire" on wall in background, men getting into truck, driving off. LS of Vancouver, PAN to MS of heavy spruce trees in forest. Shots of raging forest fire, fire fighting equipment in foreground in first shot. Shot of campers in heavy bush, tent in background. TILT UP burnt out timberland area, mountains in distant background. Shot of spruce trees along river bank, TILT DOWN to hydro power house on river. Shot of cutover section of forest, TILT UP to standing spruce trees. LS across cutover section of forest, mountains in the distance. Shot of small brook in forest. CS of two lumberjacks cutting tree, one with power saw, the other with axe. MS of lumber truck moving across frame. Shot of logs being loaded onto truck using winch and pulley. Rear CS of winch operator. Shots of smouldering remains of burnt forest, standing trees in background. Shot of cutover section of forest, TILT UP to smouldering forest fire, standing trees in background. FOLLOW SHOT of short log being pulled across creek. MS of large logs pilled up on flat car. LAS of pulleys and wire on tower. Shot of steam tractor used to operate cables and pulleys. Shots of man fastening tongs to logs, of large log being lowered to pile. CU of man's hand measuring age of tree by mean of cut taken from increment borer. CU of painted mark on tree, TITLT DOWN to growth meter being put into position on tree. MS of researcher noting down reading from growth meter. MSs of two white-tailed deer grazing in meadow, of one deer grazing.


Excerpt from
Look to the Forest
Vancouver (city)
National Film Board
Available formats
Reel 35 mm, Video HI 8
Shooting format
35mm fine grain b&w
Aspect ratio