STK-ID 32218

MS of crouching Inuit hunter aiming rifle at caribou herd (not shown). MS of hunter cutting up caribou carcass lying on snow. AERIAL SHOTs of reindeer herd running across flat, snow-covered plain. Front MS of dogsled moving towards and past camera. Rear shot of dogsled moving away from camera on frozen lake. PAN across campsite where Indigenous family settle down for the night. Shots of woman and three small children in doorway of canvass tent. Shots of women preparing furs inside tent, women stripping, rolling sinew. HAMSs of men laying pipeline in deep trench, TILT UP to steam shovel excavating trench. AERIAL SHOTs over forest fire in Yukon, dense smoke billowing skyward. FOLLOW SHOT of small light plane taxiing up river before take off. Shots of Indigenous and white men playing baseball. CS of small Indigenous girls kneeling on ground with cards bearing their names in front of them. Shot of Indigenous children in circle in outdoor class as teacher (male) walks around holding up card with word "face". PAN across row of the children kneeling on sand, learning the word "nose". Shot of man walking into frame, carrying sign with word "school", many Indigenous children following him down road. CU of hands of the children picking up cards bearing names from pile lying on sand. Front CS of elderly Indigenous woman receiving money in treaty tent. MS elderly Indigenous people receiving treaty money from men in tent. MS of Indigenous boy being X-rayed in log cabin.


Excerpt from
Community of the North
National Film Board
Available formats
Digital Video Disk, Reel 35 mm, Digital Bétacam
Shooting format
35mm fine grain b&w
Aspect ratio
Available resolutions
720 x 486