STK-ID 32219

MS of Treaty Party (white men) in tent, distributing money to Indigenous people in Aklavik District. Shot of group of Inuit men chasing reindeers in corral at annual reindeer roundup in July. MS of two Inuit men skining reindeer hanging from pole. HALSs of small herd of reindeer grazing along edge of lake, north of Aklavik in Mackenzie District. Two shots of Inuit men holding down reindeer to ground as white Government mamologists injects animal with hypodermic needle. LS of large herd of reindeer moving across open terrain towards corral. Shot of Inuit men in corral trying to catch reindeers to be injected. Full frame shot of large herd of reindeers. Shot of herder driving reindeers into corral, closing door. Shots of Inuit men and boys carrying long strip of canvass, of group using canvass to roundup reindeers into corrals. Shot of herd of reindeer moving past camera at Tukoyaktuk. Shots of Inuit men and boys rounding up reindeers into corrals using long canvass strip. MS of group of Inuits hauling white whale out of water in Aklavik. Shot of of three Inuits cutting up carcass of whale. Shot of teacher (woman) teaching young Indigenous girls how to sew. Shot of teacher (man) teaching calculus to Indigenous boy at blackboard. Front CS of Indigenous man playing violin. MLS of white frame, administrative building in Yellowknife. MS of Indigenous girl speaking into microphone in small broadcasting studio, Canadian Army Signal Corps corporal standing behind her. Shots of Indigenous musicians playing, including fiddlers, accordionist and guitarists performing in studio. MS of Inuit man with child in his arm reading about family allowance on sign in grocery store. Shot of bulldoze, PAN across frame buildings in village to crane, TILT UP crane. LS of barge moving up Mackenzie River. CU of hands piling canned food stuffs on counter. CS of Inuit mother fitting child with overalls in general store. CS of map of Mackenzie River Delta, PAN to Government game warden delivering trapping license to Indigenous man, both men studying map. CS of nurse and doctor attending to sick Indigenous man, nursing nun holding up saline solution bottle at Camsell Hospital. Shot of Indigenous man and woman emptying tub of fish on ground outside cabin, women and children cleaning fish. AERIAL SHOT along arctic settlement on river bank. Shot of man approaching shore in canoe, PAN to large herd of reindeer moving in bush during roundup near Aklavik. MSs of large herd of reindeer in bush, Inuit man herding animals. Shot of white doctor examining injured Inuit man lying on stretcher outside tent. Shots of doctor and nursing nun putting young Indigenous boy to bed in Camsell Hospital in Edmonton, of other nurse nun bringing in food tray. CS of nurses helping boy with food tray.


Excerpt from
Community of the North
Tuktoyaktuk, Aklavik, Yellowknife, Edmonton
National Film Board
Available formats
Digital Video Disk, Reel 35 mm, Digital Bétacam
Shooting format
35mm fine grain b&w
Aspect ratio
Available resolutions
720 x 486